Saturday, September 28, 2013

Video Responses vs. "Friends"

Just a random thought on YouTube: is there any point to "contacts" on YouTube anymore? I still get a couple of contact notifications a day, but they're all spammy and when I add them they don't seem to do anything. I guess video responses were too "worthless" to keep on the site, but apparently these contacts are really worth it.

Contact notifications used to be friend requests, like one would get on facebook or myspace. This was back when YouTube was still more of a social media outlet rather than simply a media publishing outlet. While Google was making these cosmetic changes to their site, they decided to remove the friend aspect, but for some bizarre reason I cannot begin to comprehend, they kept the option in existence as a contact. Only spam bots send out contact notifications anymore, making the function worthless and leaving it as a relic of how YouTube used to run. In my opinion, this comparison between video responses and "friend requests" is yet another example of YouTube not understanding the priorities of its users.

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